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Sunflower Montessori School -The Infant Classroom Environment:Language Development

An infant hears sounds before he is even born. After birth he is intently listening and watching mouth movements and can gain understanding long before he can use words. Infants need to be exposed to language throughout the day. Along with sign language, we are constantly speaking to the infants about their surroundings, what activity we are doing and are about to do, and also naming objects and people in their environment. By doing this routinely, they begin to understand what we are telling them. And by teaching them the sign for a word, they are able to get their needs met and message across to the adults without any frustration.  Around 12 months old, children begin experimenting with their voices by imitating sounds, and usually saying a few words. Language materials such as books, objects, and pictures for naming are provided to further enhance this development and to keep the child stimulated and wanting to learn more and more words.

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