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Sunflower Montessori School - The Infant Classroom Environment: First Year

Movement develops from the head down as in the process of Myelinization (the process by which a newborn’s brain and nerve cells gain a fatty coating (Myelin) that serves as insulation and keeps the electrical impulses transmitted by the brain moving in the correct pathway along the nervous system). During the first few months, babies are working hard to move their head and control their eye movements. They soon begin to see further and focus on moving objects. They spend most of their time observing what is happening around them, becoming people watchers. Right around 6 months, they learn how to roll over, creep (or worm crawl), and sit. During this time their bodies are beginning to change as a result of Myelinization. This is crucial to the child’s development and the ability to coordinate movement. Around 8 months crawling begins, followed by “toddling” at about 12 months. This is the reason that in the child’s first year, it is critical that we provide an environment which encourages freedom of movement. We never contain children in playpens, cribs, walkers, jumpers, or any other child carriers (except when necessary for travel or for very short periods of time). As an alternative, we provide ample time for the young child to be on the floor, which enables him to move about freely. We provide beds that are low to the floor so that children can independently get in and out on their own. We use child-sized tables and a chairs (with arms), instead of high chairs, for children to eat at around the age of 5 or 6 months of age. We highly recommend doing the same at home! 

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