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Sunflower Montessori School - The Infant Classroom Environment: The Classroom

A Montessori infant classroom is an authentically pleasing and peaceful environment. There is an area for the youngest babies to lay on the floor on a soft quilt, or on a futon ,  where they have access to mirrors at floor level, mobiles to observe, bat and grasp; balls and rolling toys to reach for by creeping; and rattles and objects to hold, shake, bang, and mouth. There are low beds available for naps. Movement is absolutely critical to brain development- with the same importance to growth and development as proper nutrition! We also include a stair with low steps and a railing for use by children who are beginning to crawl and walk. There are bars and furniture placed around the room on which young children can pull themselves up. We also supply walking wagons, in which little ones can hold onto and push before they can take steps on their own. There is plenty of push and pull toys to take along when they do begin to walk on their own. The room is kept comfortably warm and cozy, which allows infants and very young children to spend time in comfortable clothing that does not inhibit their freedom of movement. The infant classroom contains several low shelves with fine-motor activities such as puzzles, bead-stringing, rings on posts, pegboards with large pegs, object permanence activities, and various containers to open and close and fill and empty.  We recommend the same type of activities for home for children under 24 months.

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Adapted from The Best Beginning- Montessori Infant-Toddler Programs @ http://www.montessori.org 
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